Duo exhibition 'Tails' - Kukwon Woo, Mitsunori Kimura

Birds are watching, 2014, Color on camphor wood, screw, timber, 17x57x15cm; Photo by RuYi Tan

Duo exhibition
Gallery Kiche, Seoul, Korea
30 October - 29 November, 2014
Artists: Kukwon Woo, Mitsunori Kimura

Press release from Gallery Kiche
Gallery Kiche is pleased to present an exciting duo exhibition by Kookwon Woo and Mitsunori Kimura, opening on October 30th and running through November 29th. This show will allow us to joyfully sense their art world with motifs from emotions or objects of ordinary life and private memories, which are handled in a way of fairy tale or allegory.
Mitsunori Kimura (b.1983) has produced artworks in widen subject matter with wood, tissue and oil paint from mainly animal or people to very trivial things like mosquito, anchovy. With attempting a variety of forms such as wood or oil sculpture, installation and drawing, figures have been shown in funny and familiar manner. In this show, he will exhibit five wood works of animals and over twenty pen drawings. Kukwon Woo (b.1976) who is constantly concentrated on the painting itself draws animal, recently people combining unreadable text and various colors. It makes viewer to easily associate a kind of naive painting as if graffiti by child. He has also kept a kind of flexibility in his artistic attitude by overcoming obsession with a serious subject, leads him to focus on the figurative balance and improvisation. His nine paintings including three early works will be shown at the exhibition.
Although they have some differences, there is a remarkable similarity in terms of doing experiment their formality simultaneously with showing the purity as a fairy tale or allegory. In this point of view, “Tails” which is entitled to this duo show is purposed to unveil their artistic intention hiding enjoyable atmosphere and figure’s aspects.

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